*How to Sign In to View the Videos*

Teaching videos at teach.davenportschools.org are protected since they feature student faces and voices.  They are accessible only to DCSD Google accounts.  These directions will take you through some simple steps to login to view the videos:

Do you see the message below when trying to view a video?  This indicates that you are not currently signed in. 


To sign in, start by opening a new tab by clicking on the parallelogram next to your open tab.  You can also use CTRL+T for a keyboard shortcut to open a new tab.


Type “drive.google.com”.


You will be prompted to enter an account email.  Your email is your staff username followed by @davenport.k12.ia.us.  Once that is typed, click “next”.  You will then be prompted to enter your staff password.  Do so, and then click “sign in”.  


You can then return to the video library at teach.davenportschools.org.  Now that you are logged in, you can watch any of the videos.  You may need to reload your page which you can do by clicking the circular arrow in the top left corner of your window.  



Enjoy the videos!  Please contact Jen Van Fleet if you have any other issues.  vanfleetj@davenport.k12.ia.us