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Myriam Stangherlin-Model Teacher West High School (2019-20)

This a 3-part lesson plan intended to introduce high school students (ELL, mainstream, and potentially middle school students as well) to literary genres. Lesson One starts with the basic distinction between fiction and non-fiction, and then moves into specific types of fiction and non-fiction genres. The students will watch movie trailers based on novels, discuss the main characteristics of fiction genres, and also explore five categories of non-fiction writing. The culminating project will be to 1) design a book cover (front and back, with information about author and contents), or 2) write a book review, or 3) write a book proposal for a potential publisher (either fiction or non fiction). The plan comes with links to multiple activities for the students to do in class during the three phases of each lesson: background (or review), presentation, and practice & application.

SIOP is a research-based method of instruction targeted toward meeting the academic needs of English language learners (ELLs). The lessons on literary genres are well structured, they always include activities to build background or review what has been previously learned, and offer several opportunities for practice and application. Input is comprehensible and the activities ensure a great deal of student and teacher-student interaction. Each lesson ends with a review of key vocabulary and key content concepts that can also be used as a formal assessment. Materials are hands-on and relevant to the students.~Myriam

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