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Kellie Hedrick-Model Teacher-Washington Elementary (2019-20)

The three attached documents are hand outs provided at a PD to our building. The documents were presented to the building teachers. The PD focused on the SIT process and how the team would be solution focused to ensure student needs were being addressed in academic and behavior needs. The SIT team developed a series of guiding questions to main stream conversations. With these conversations we used PBISworld to develop tier 1 menu for teachers to use in their classroom, as well as a tier 2 menu of interventions for behavior. The teir 2 menu are interventions that are sorted to address the different functions that behavior can serve. This way the interventions choose to address a behavior need will match the function of the behavior. These documents were presented to staff and staff was able to use time to explore the different interventions to familiarize themselves to the tools. This way if staff were to bring a student to SIT they would be able to help determine what tool would be manageable and effective for their student. The materials presented to staff were targeted to help the building with managing student behaviors in all Tiers of PBIS.~Kellie

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