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Barbara Saathoff-Model Teacher-Williams Intermediate (2019-20)

ALEKS is now available for middle schools to use for math during our online learning. I use ALEKS regularly in my Math Boost classes. I have been creating screencastify videos for Mike Wells to use to share with teachers/students to help them to navigate ALEKS. I have created two for teachers – one on how to log in and find students usernames and passwords and one on how to use the reports portion to guide student instruction. I have also created one for students on how to change their task/activity if they do not like what is next. My plan is add additional videos as teachers/students have questions. I am posting them to my building teachers and students. I am also sharing with Mike Wells and he will be sharing them with math teachers using ALEKS.~Barbara

Additional Resources: How to log in to ALEKSĀ , How to use the report in ALEKS

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